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In its report to Congress, the U.S. Government’s Office of the National Counterintelligence Executive ("ONCIX”) outlined the emerging threats to American businesses from industrial and economic espionage carried out by foreign governments and domestic competitors. The ONCIX report focused particularly on the risks to "private sector targets,” many of which "are unaware when their sensitive data is pilfered.” China and Russia were identified as the most active foreign perpetrators of state sponsored corporate espionage, outlined in two recent cases by Valspar Corporation’s Andy Ubel, and DuPont Corporation’s Ed Montooth.

Why the Need for Cyber Managed Security Services?

The threats posed by nation-state actors or other international crime syndicates are pervasive and will continue to affect every industry due to the reliance upon technology. Various studies have cited the average dwell time (length of unknowingly being breached) is between 200-300 days prior to notification from either federal law enforcement agencies, banks, or credit card agencies.
Corporations cannot find, hire, and retain the level of talent needed to provide that 24/7/365 protective barrier. A recent article from CSO Magazine cited this talent gap, "The demand for the (cybersecurity) workforce is expected to rise to 6 million (globally) by 2019, with a projected shortfall of 1.5 million,” stated Michael Brown, CEO at Symantec.
Cyber criminals never rest, never stop and never relent. The moment you "let down your guard” is the moment when you provide the narrow window of opportunity needed for a threat to breach your network.
Enterprises are increasingly turning to Cyber Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) to fill that void or enhance their IT/network security posture to combat these threats. Organizations are looking for technical personnel with a variety of backgrounds; such as Counterintelligence Agents, technical Subject Matter Experts, and court adjudicated expert witnesses. There are only a handful of MSS offerings that have embedded cyber counterintelligence and fusion cell analysis in a proactive and responsive manner that will limit your risk and significantly decrease your alert and mitigation of a compromise.
A recent study from Cisco has determined that most organizations are struggling to create and maintain an effective information security strategy. This is forcing corporations to turn to professional security services. (figure below).


Organizations are cost conscious to begin with; budgets are even tighter. However, many organizations lack full-time employees who maintain the knowledge and expertise to combat these threats.


A recent study from FireEye, Inc., demonstrates the financial impact on the cost of cyber-crime:



Why the Need for Cyber Managed Security Services?


Utilizing "lesson’s learned” from real-world cyber counterespionage investigations can’t be underestimated.  In order to protect an enterprise from cutting-edge threats originating from either criminal groups or state sponsored adversaries, it requires operatives with cyber counterintelligence experience. According to all market analysts, information security will continue to dominate the discussions in the board room by Directors looking to demonstrate "Standard of Care” WHEN the breach occurs.